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A Great Mystery


What does it mean to be a sacramental Church? Often, this word, "sacramental" is used in juxtaposition with "Bible-believing" i.e. a "sacramental" Church, as opposed to a "Bible-believing" Church. We need to be careful, however, not to oppose things in our minds, that are not truly opposed in our belief and practice. Can I be a Bible-believing, sacramental Christian? Certainly.

The Greek word in the Bible "mysterion" translated into the Latin as "sacramentum" is translated into English as "mystery." Can we find this word in the New Testament?

A sacrament might be better understood as a secret (Rom. 16:25), a hidden wisdom (I Cor. 2:7), or a revelation (Eph. 1:9). In the fifth chapter of Ephesians, St. Paul speaks of marriage as a great mystery, that the union of a man and a woman in Holy Matrimony is the same as the union of Christ and the Church. Marriage is a sacrament, that is, a mystery, a secret, a hidden wisdom, a revelation of Christ and the Church.

Maybe you believed in a sacrament all along and didn't know it - until now. Is it possible that there are other mysteries in the Church that can't be explained, but reveal to us and allow us to participate in the life of the Kingdom of God not of this world? What about Baptism, Communion (the Lord's Supper), Ordination, Anointing the sick with oil, etc.?

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