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We're Pre-Denominational

When we say “We are not Denominational, we’re Pre-Denominational” we mean that the only way to truly escape the attitude of denominationalism is to return to our Christian heritage in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church by embracing that which has been believed everywhere, always, and by all. i.e. to embrace the hermeneutical principles of universality, antiquity and consensus as opposed to the hermeneutical principle of cultural relevance.


Generally speaking, the post World War II “Baby Boomer” generation has simply replaced “denominationalism” with “generationalism”. Baby Boomers call their generational Churches “non-denominational”, but have in fact introduced a whole plethora of names which distinguish (or denominate) themselves from others.


These autonomous “non-denominational” Churches dotting the American Christian landscape today have established a precedent for future generations of Christians to simply build Churches after their own image and likeness.


How can we reverse this trend? Is it possible to truly be an Apostolic Church? (READ MORE)

We're not Jewish, but we are Orthodox

We're not Roman, but we are Catholic

We're not Protestant, but the Bible came from us

We're not Denominational, we're Pre-Denominational

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