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Everyone Needs a Good Bishop

You may have heard it said in joking manner, "Where two are three are gathered together... there are at least four opinions."

Have you ever been in a situation where a heresy presented itself in your Church and there was no one to put a stop to the teaching?

What about a moral issue that threatened the holiness of the Body of Christ with the outcome left in the hands of lay delegates of a national convention?

Do you know of a present or former pastor who needed to be disciplined or removed, but there was no one in authority over him to do that?

What about Bishops? Maybe you have bishops in your Church, but unfortunately, they may have been the perpetrators of these evils.

This is why we need bishops who are committed to uphold that which has been believed everywhere, always and by all; bishops who will firmly stand their ground concerning the moral and ethical dilemmas facing the world today; and bishops who will be true spiritual fathers to the pastors of their churches, maintaining good order, vision and direction in the Christian communities under their care.

In the history of the Church, such bishops are referred to as the "Orthodox Bishops who rightly divide the word of truth." Would you like to meet such a bishop? Click here.

We're not Jewish, but we are Orthodox

We're not Roman, but we are Catholic

We're not Protestant, but the Bible came from us

We're not Denominational, we're Pre-Denominational

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